Beron is a warrior from Series 7. He wore the tree emblem in his first heat and the moon emblem in his final heat. His real name is Robin Jones.


Challenges Faced (First Heat)

Day 1

Beron wore the tree emblem. Versad defeated him at the Spider's Web, but he defeated Mygar at Long Staff and gained a ring at the Skull Cage. But the demon army proved too much for him.

Day 2

Beron is second behind Versad. But at the Battle of the Boats, he along with Mygar and Lisan collided with demons. He then grabbed a ring at Loch Leap and communicated with Versad well in The Gorge, but he lost Battering Ram along with Lisan and Nisab.

Day 3

Beron is in fourth place, but he scaled the Cliff Face along with Versad and regained a life. At Demon Square, he was third to be eliminated at the near end of the challenge. He was third to complete the Deep Loch.

Day 4

Beron didn't hit the vessel at the Fire Water and got defeated by Versad at the Wrestling Ring. Even worse, he and Mygar didn't solve the riddle at the Riddle Bridge. But he got four rings at the High Walk.

Day 5

Beron had only 2 lives and can't lose any more challenges. In the Blasted Mountain, he made it through the Chasm and the Boulder Run. But he and Kelpa lost Lava Pit and Stone Soldiers after Versad succeeded in them both and regaining a life at the Boulder Run.

Challenges Faced (Final Heat)

Day 1

Beron wore the moon emblem. He beat Sonos at the Stone Bridge, but Danil defeated him at the Ring Rack after losing the Battering Ram again, this time, along with Sonos and Lenat, who went out first.

Day 2

Beron is in last place as he is one ring behind Sonos. He hit the vessel three times in Fire Water, along with Sonos, Hanso and Versad. But Hanso defeated him at the Wrestling Ring and he went out again at the Demon Square, causing him to get eliminated at the Way of the Warrior.