Conundrum is a challenge which appeared on multiple series of Raven.

Series 11


The Warriors must solve a puzzle within the time limit to find Treasure Rings. The rings are hidden under baskets. The baskets which do not contain rings contain skulls. The location of the rings is revealed by matching the symbols on the banners to the symbols on a picture of a banner provided. One Warrior is separated from the others and must solve a jigsaw puzzle of the picture of the target banner. Once they have pieced it together they then need to communicate it to the other Warriors. The other Warriors then need to identify the banner being told to them and lift up one of the baskets. If the warriors run out of time or find the number of skulls equal to the number of warriors playing the challenge then they are captured by the Demons and loses a ring.

Ring Count

The number of treasure rings under the baskets depends on the number of warriors playing. If there are three playing there are three rings hidden under three baskets so a win means one ring each fir the warriors. If there are two playing there are four rings hidden under two baskets so a win means two rings each for the warriors.