series 4


A game of chess, but only one team can take. The 3 warriors and 2 demons are placed on a 6x6 board which at the far end is a golden square where the warriors try to escape. The warriors have an advantage because they can move in any direction and the demons can only move forwards and sideways.

However, the demons can catch the warriors very easily. So easily, that with even perfect play by all warriors, the demons can catch two easily.

Note: The demons always play a perfect game, the warriors never.

Extra note: Rings are hidden in the causeway and the golden square hides 3 rings for those who make it. This is when the record for most rings was set.

Series 11 and later



The warriors must traverse across a patch of land without touching the ground. There are stumps in the ground and the warriors are provided with planks which they must place between stumps in order to move forward. If they touch the floor then they are captured by demons.

This challenge was in a different location each of the three times it was performed during series 11.

With Three Warriors

The aim of the challenge is to reach the end of the causeway and then return to the starting point. The rings are placed at the end of the causeway. The winner is the first warrior back and the other two fail the challenge and lose a ring.

With Four Warriors

The warriors are split into pairs. The pairs must work together to reach the other end of the causeway but they do not need to return. Rings are placed along the path of the causeway which the warriors can collect. After a while the demons start to move forward.

Ring Count


With Three Warriors

The first warrior to reach the other side of the causeway collects three rings, the second two, the third one. The first warrior to reach the other end of the causeway and return to the start gains an additional two rings. This means a warrior can gain between three and five rings from this challenge.

With Four Warriors

There are three rings placed along the path of the warriors and an extra ring for reaching the end. This means a warrior can gain between one and four rings in this challenge.