Demon Square was a quiz-based challenge introduced in season 2, and is instantly recognisable as a game from Raven.

At the far end of the paths, there's the wisdom tree (allegedly, left over as a remnant from an orchard of knowledge, according to Raven). However, it's not so easy to get to the tree, which grows gold rings. The wisdom tree will ask a series of questions (in rhyme) to the warriors, to which the answer will either be true or false. There's a white path on their left, and a black path on their right. If the warriors think the statement is true, they walk to the white path; if false, they walk to the black path. The wisdom tree will then reveal the correct answer. If the warriors get the question right, they can take a step forward; if not, they'll have to stay where they are.

However, there are two Demons, one for each path. The Demons, normally kept in a sleep trance, are awakened by a spell brought around when the warriors stand on the black and white square in the centre of the paths. After each question, the Demons will move forward, one step at a time. If they land on the same square as a warrior, all of the warriors on that square will lose a life. Usually, a warrior has a two step head-start over the Demons.

Trivia Edit

  • Comically, most of the warriors followed everybody else around the paths, like sheep.
  • This game was inspired by, or would inspire, ITV's Eliminator.

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