Dragon's Roost is a game that was played in seasons 2 and 3. All you have to do is, racing your opponent, climb up a big ladder made of vines and timber and grab a treasure ring at the top of a nest (which Raven remarks as being "too high up to be a crane's, too big to be a stork's, and too poorly constructed to be a raven's"). If you got the ring in the nest, you won; if not, you'd lose a life.

On-screen Edit

In series 2, Dragon's Roost was played on day 4 three out of four times and on day 4, there were two rings for each warrior to collect along the way and even if you lost the race to the final ring, you would keep your rings, which narrowly saved warrior Rosca from elimination. Sadly, in all of series 3 and the one time in series 2, there was always six warriors facing this trial; in this case, the producers didn't use rings on the ladder. They also never had a winner stays on format, which was a rather satisfactory.

Discontinuation Edit

Unfortunately, Dragon's Roost was axed shortly before season 4 aired, due to the fact that the tree the ladder was hanging on was struck by lightning (and subsequently deemed a hazard to health by experts), so it got replaced by Pole Climb.

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