Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Gender Girl
Series One
Week(s) One
Emblem Olive
Lives Lost -
Rings Gained -

Gaale is a warrior from week one of Series 1. Gaale wears an orange shirt with a brown sash. Gaale has gorgeous long blonde hair which is mostly tied back.

Challenges Faced Edit

Day One Edit

Hunt For The Standard Edit

Gaale is the third warrior to find their Standard in this challenge.

The Eyeless Demons Edit

Galle competes against Lydav in this challenge. She is faster to start and uses Lydav's loudness to her advantage. She uses this advantage to obtain the treasure ring although the contest is close.

The Old Troll Edit

Galle gets the answer incorrect as she guessed 'signs' and so loses a life.

Day Two Edit

Leap Of Faith Edit

Galle is first to attempt the challenge. She easily grabs the treasure ring.

Castle Tournament Edit

Galle is in a team with Daala and Hadan. She competes against Lydav where she loses nil hits to one. her team loses overall.

Day Three Edit

Deep Loch Edit

Galle is first to swim across the loch and so gained a treasure ring.

Stepping Stones

Galle is third to attempt the challenge. She slips and falls on the fourth stepping stone losing a life. Galle sustains an injury during this fall.

Day Four Edit

Spider Tunnel Edit

Galle is paired with Hadan for this challenge. They collect all four treasure rings and escape the tunnel on time. They split the treasure equally and so Galle gains two treasure rings.

Castle Tournament

Galle is in third place at this point and so begins to fight during the second round, against Hadan. She is victorious and so stays on to fight Sejen. She is defeated and so loses a life. The injury sustained on day three during the stepping stones challenge was made worse by this fight.

Day Five Edit

Galle sadly had to return home due to the injury sustained on day three during the Stepping Stones challenge. Sejen then took her place for the final day of week one.

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