Leap of Faith is a challenge which appears in every main series of raven.


The warriors must climb to the top of a tree, the first half using a ladder and the second using handholds and footholds. They must then jump off the tree and grab the rings. If they fall off the tree, or if Raven has to bring the warriors who get frightened down with his magic, they will lose a life. In the first series this challenge takes place in the Old Forest. In some series it was required to grab a ring to prevent a loss of life but in other series it was only necessary to do the jump.


Ring Count

Series 1

There is one ring hanging from a single rope except in the final week where there are two rings hanging from separate ropes.

After Series 1

Series 11

In the Wolf Heat are three rings hanging from a single rope. After this there are three ropes from which one, then two, then three rings hang such that the rope with three rings attached is further out and the rope with one ring on is closer to the platform.