Vital statistics
Gender Boy
Series One
Week(s) One
Emblem Lilac
Lives Lost -
Rings Gained -

Lydav is a warrior from week one of Series 1. He is the first warrior to be eliminated after failing Way of The Warrior. He wears a brown shirt with a lilac sash. He has a mole on his face.

Challenges Faced

Day One

Hunt For The Standard

Lydav is the second warrior to find their Standard in this challenge.

The Eyeless Demons

Lydav competes against Gaale in this challenge. He attempted to fool the demons using the chimes however this was unsuccessful in the end and Gaale beats him to the ring however the contest is close.

"At the end of the day I tried my best and that's what really counts"

The Old Troll

Raven calls him forward at the start of the challenge and he is the one to take the scroll from the troll's mouth on the door.

Lydav get's the answer correct and so gains a treasure ring.

Way of The Warrior

Lydav volunteers to take on the Way of the Warrior. He is knocked off when the spinning drum hits his head. As it is day one he is not eliminated but does lose a life.

Day Two

Leap Of Faith

Lydav is fourth to attempt the challenge. He easily grabs the treasure ring.

Castle Tournament

Lydav is in a team with Intho and Sejen. He competes against Gaale where he wins one hit to nil. his team wins overall.

Vale of Dunan

Lydav is chosen by Hadan to help with the riddle. Lydav suggests an M however this is incorrect and so he does not gain any treasure rings from this challenge.

Way of The Warrior

Lydav once again volunteers for Way of the Warrior which prevents Daala from attempting the challenge. Lydav falls from the golden path at the shields this time when the first shield pushes him off.

"I wanted to do the Way of the Warrior to prove a point and try and finish it because I didn't finish it last time but obviously it's a very hard challenge and too hard for me"