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Orrin is a warrior from week 1 of Series 3. Orrin wore the sun emblem in her first week. Her real name is Rose Iron.

Challenges Faced

Day One 

Orrin was racing against Halka in the Enchanted Stream, but wasn't quick enough and got claimed by the mists and the stone demon in Millstone Towers. She was in the coracle when conrotning the Water Demon, Worjo and Graki hauling her back in time as she collected rings. The in Deep Loch, se was fourth out of the loch and collected one gold ring along with Sharks and Milal.

Day Two

Orrin faced the Troll Trap with Worjo and Milal. They succeeded and did not lose a life. In Dragon's Roost, she, Graki and Sharka succeeded and got gold rings. Worjo, Halka and Milal got some too, but they weren't quick enough and Worjo loses his first life but regains one. In Gold Rush, she was against Milal and Halk. She won the challenge and had a flawless day with 5 lives and 6 rings.

Day Three 

It is unknown that Orrin succeeded in Burning Battlements, Balance Beam or Demon Square.

Day Four 

Orrin was in last place and faced Way of the Warrior, but went out.