Pool Plunge is a water based challenge where the warriors must gain rings by plunging into a pool in a body of water such as a lake, loch, or river.

Series 11


The warriors must move out over a river using a fallen tree in order to gather the treasure rings suspended above it. Only one end of the tree is secure. In the Bear Heat a rope provided to aid with balance but this is removed in later heats. The rings are positioned thus: one hanging about half way along and above the beam, one hanging under the very end of the beam, and one which the warrior must jump off of the beam in order to reach. After jumping off the beam they plunge into the river below.

After the Bear Heat the warrior was required to jump from the beam and try to catch the ring hanging above the end of the beam in order to complete the challenge or they will lose a ring.

Ring count

There are three rings positioned around the beam which a warrior could collect or not so a warrior could gain between zero and three rings in this challenge.

Notable Attempts

  • Ledag is the first warrior to successfully gather all the treasure rings in this challenge