For the Raven who guided the warriors in series 1 to 10 and the spin offs, see Raven of Old.

Raven is an ex contestant of Raven of Old's tournament who gained the power of Raven after finding the Raven Staff of Power. She is played by Aisha Toussaint.




Before Series 11

Raven participated in Raven's Tournament (guided by Raven of Old) twelve years before series 11 started.

After Raven of Old sealed himself away, Raven found the six gold symbols and recovered Raven's Staff of Power. With the staff she became the next Raven and protector of the land.

During Series 11

Raven guides the warriors on their quest to defeat Nevar once and for all. She occasionally summons Raven of Old from the desolate realm in order to ask for his advice and guidance.