Raven (James Mackenzie) is a recurring character of the CBBC Televion series, Raven who appears in every episode. He is the title character of the show.

Originally from the Island of Alaunus, Raven is an ancient, immortal Scottish warlord and the warriors' guide throughout the quest; his name refers to his ability to shape-shift into a raven at will. His mortal enemy is Nevar, who he fights to prevent darkness from afflicting the land.

Both serious and dryly humorous, he urges and pushes the warriors to do their best in all challenges, quick to both praise their success and point out their failures, but always with a kind word for the warriors who are eliminated. From season 2 onwards, he carries his Staff of Power with him at all times, topped with a carving of a raven's head, which allows him to bring warriors back when they lose a game, reveal the warriors' thoughts, recap what has happened previously, and both give and take away the warriors' lives from their standards. He has an elaborate style of speech, which has generated some catchphrases, including, "Are you ready? Then let the challenge... begin", and "may the luck of the Raven's Eye be with you". He always keeps a deadpan face when describing their demonic foes.

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