The aim of this wiki is to contain all canonical information about the TV series Raven and it's related media.

In a more general sense this means that someone who vaguely remembers "That game-show with the bird man from like 2004" should be able to come on here and get up to speed on raven easily.

Remember to use the talk page (click the talk button above) to discuss specific aspects of the wiki's development.


  • I will be creating example pages for each aspect of the show to demonstrate what the final version of a page should look like
  • I will be making a general style guide just to cover some basic points

Focus for developing the wiki

Currently focusing on the new series coming out.

What needs to be worked on

I need to refill this list..........

The biggest help you can offer at this point is gathering high quality screenshots of episodes to add to articles. For the current series I'm fine adding new info as it appears. As this series ends I'll remake this section to add a plan of attack for filling out the rest of the wiki