The aim of this wiki is to contain all information about the TV series Raven and it's related media.

In a more general sense this means that someone who vaguely remembers "That game-show with the bird man from like 2004" should be able to come on here and get up to speed on raven easily.

Remember to use the talk page (click the talk button above) to discuss specific aspects of the wiki's development.

Notices Edit

  • Please use the Template:Generic_Warrior template for creating new warrior pages. Since I don't want to make a template with 5 billion parameters you need to copy the source code of the template page into the source of the new warrior page
  • Please use the blank tag template if you have created a page but added no or very minimal information
  • Please use an the stub template if you have started adding info to a page but have stopped for whatever reason (it keeps things tidy knowing what's half finished and what hasn't even been started)

Focus for developing the wiki Edit

Currently the wiki is focusing on adding information on the series in roughly this order: Warriors, Challenges, Locations, Characters, Objects.

Once that is done information about the fandom may be added

What needs to be worked on Edit

Remember to put your name by what you're doing!

Templates Edit

  • Warrior (spinoff) infobox
  • Generic Warrior (spinoff) template page
  • Series one warrior infobox
  • Character infobox
  • Character example page
  • Challenge infobox
  • Challenge example page

Info Edit

  • Rings/lives for series 1 week 1 warriors
  • Series 1 week 2 warrior pages
  • Other warrior pages
  • Challenge pages
  • Character pages

Images gathering and uploading Edit

Remember to put who appears in each image in the description

  • I need to remake the emblem icons they look bad~ 8wholeBreads
  • background for wiki
  • warrior images
  • challenge images
  • character images
  • object images

Completed Edit

Adding in info for series 1 week 1 warriors~ 8wholeBreads

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