A list of all riddles and answers used in the series

Series One Edit

Week One Edit

Vale of Dunan Edit

Day Two Edit

"I am light but I can also be dark, and I am wet but I float"
Hadan and Lydav failed to solve the riddle and so it continues the next day.

Day Three Edit

The riddle is the same as day two as it was not solved with the addition of:

"...I can be any size. I can be any shape"
Intho and Sejen correctly guess the answer of 'Cloud'.

Day Four Edit

As the riddle was solved on day three the riddle on this day is now

"We can be made from sand or sea creatures. We can be made from trees or animals"

Haden and Intho correctly guess the answer of 'Rocks'

Riddle of the Portal Edit

"Who speaks truth may enter here"
Sejen failed to solve the riddle however Haden and Intho give the correct answer of 'Truth'

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