Series seven first aired between the 28th of January 2008 and the 22nd of February 2008.

It was as the last to be filmed at Castle Toward. The series was the first to use a new map since series 2 when it has been the same until series 6.

In week 2, the first and only all male final 3, happened with eventual 3rd placed Danil, 6th placed Lenat and Anmah. Their competed in one of the closet last stand's of all time. With 7 rings between first and last, anyone could go. Danil overtook both of his rivals at the first checkpoint with Anmah in hot pursuit but at the last stage struggled and Lenat was back in the match and piped him to the post as the week's runner up.

Lenat was the first final week wave warrior not in the top three after going out on day one, the only time it happened. Only Javmay (series 9, 4th placed) did the same as a wave warrior. The others: Kinia(series 2, 3rd place) Worjo(series 3, runner up) Limar(series 4 winner) Arnoh(series 5 winner) Rohak(series 6, 3rd place) Druan(series 8, 3rd placed) and Sarjed(series 10 winner) finished as final week wave, top three.

Had Lipra gone through instead of Sonos the 4th placed finisher, then all symbols had gone through to the final. If he defeated the eventual runner up, Hanso, then all the finalists would have been boys so a male finalist wearing the sun would have happened but Hanso wore it instead. 16 new challenges came and many never came again due to the move. No one finished the way of the warrior but Danil almost did, failing the last metal jaw (it is worth noting that this is the closest anyone came to passing the Way of the Warrior without actually succeeding; and had Danil completed the Way of the Warrior, Versad would have faced the challenge).

Attempts on the Way of the Warrior were mixed this series, with as many people falling at the swinging gates as at the spiked barrel; only two warriors passed the spiked barrel this series (week 1's Mygar, who fell off at the sheilds, and Danil)

The finalists were;

from week 1: Versad and Beron

from week 2: Danil and Lenat

from week 3: Sonos and Hanso

The champion was Versad from week 1, defeating week 3's Hanso (the only girl to make it through to the final week) in the Last stand. Versad is the last male champion. Note: a story on the Monday, tells the story of the symbols. On Fridays, all challenges took place underneath the Blasted Mountain; barring Stone Soldiers, none of the Blasted Mountain challenges returned in series 8.

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