Stone Soldiers is a new challenge introduced in season 7.

Season 7Edit

Stone Soldiers is the fourth and final event inside the Blasted Mountain, and the final event before The Last Stand in season 7. The way out is being guarded by three (heats) or two (finals (the middle exit is walled up)) Demons, who, as Raven would say, "are being controlled be a power greater than yours" (a.k.a. Nevar). Littered at the warriors' feet are the remains of three soldiers, all turned to stone and shattered eons ago. The warrior's only hope of ever getting out alive is to rebuild their soldier (including giving them a long-shafted axe). When complete, the respective soldier of the winning warrior will shoot a beam of light from his eyes (caused by their "latent energy", according to Raven) at the Demon opposite them, killing him and allowing the warrior to run out and win himself one gold ring; the other Demon(s) will wake up and shoot their fatal gaze at the warrior(s) left behind, making them vanish in a blaze of red and black.

In finals week, Versad won himself two gold rings, as opposed to the one.

Season 8-9Edit

Stone Soldiers is recreated in Season 8, in a part of the forest (following the killing off of Blasted Mountain with the move to Aviemore), which doesn't really make sense as the Demons are not guarding anything, so Raven and the warriors could just go round a tree to get past them. The three remaining warriors must rebuild their stone soldier in the same manner as in season 7. However, the rules are changed slightly; first warrior to kill their Demon wins two gold rings, whilst second gets one. Third loses a life.

Fan view of Stone SoldiersEdit

  • Stone Soldiers has often been thought of as a replacement for the traditional Blasted Mountain game.
  • This challenge is known for having the best sound track of all of the other challenges through the T.V shows history.

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