In series 2-3, it is loser stays on. The first and second placed warriors go first to collet pieces to form a key to escape but Nevar is up against them and he fires lighting bolts at them and if he hits them, they lose a life which they start with as many lives as their finished blasted mountain with. Lose all lives and you're out, first through the portal goes through to the final. A second round is played with round one's loser starting with all lives restored against the last placed warrior. Loser is out of the tournament. Winner goes through to the final as the week's runner up. In the final, only two played for the title, Third had lost at the way of the warrior. From then on, it was a physical challenge for the three survivors and the leader starts first. In the three weeks, first two go through, last to finish is out. In the final, it's the winner who goes through alone whilst the others lose. From Series 7 on it was a head to head between the two warriors left.

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