In series 2-3, it is loser stays on. The first and second placed warriors go first to collect pieces to form a key to escape but Nevar is up against them and he fires lighting bolts at them and if he hits them, they lose a life. Lose all lives and you're out, first through the portal goes through to the final. A second round is played with round one's loser starting with all lives restored against the last placed warrior. Loser is out of the tournament. Winner goes through to the final as the week's runner up. In the final, only two played for the title, Third had lost at the way of the warrior. From then on, it was a physical challenge for the three survivors and the leader starts first. In the three weeks, first two go through, last to finish is out. In the final, it's the winner who goes through alone whilst the others lose. From Series 7 on it was a head to head between the two warriors left.

Series 11

Unlike in previous series, the last stand is done as the finale of every heat along with still being done at the end of a series.

Qualifier Form Description

The warriors must complete the assault course that is The Last Stand in order to reach the portal at the other side. The first warrior through the portal goes on to the final round.

The warrior with the most rings gets a head start, the second less of a head start, the warrior with the least rings starts last. The sections of the assault course are as follows. First the warrior must climb over a high beam. Then they must run up and down a ramp. Next they must build a ramp in order to reach the shield at the top. The shield protects the warriors from the Demons. After this they must crawl under and over some sections. Over another beam, then they must place four symbols onto their shield. After battering down the door to gain a talisman the warrior can then activate the portal using the talisman and carry on to the final.

Final Form Description


Nevar completely redesigned this challenge for the final. The course is now above the Infernal Loch. The aim of the challenge is to collect eight talismans from around the course and place them into the portal key. Nevar stands over the warriors and occasionally shoots them with energy blasts.

There are thirty-six talismans place around the course (twelve of each of the three colours). The warriors can only collect and carry up to two talismans at once and can only collect talismans in their own colour.

Warriors enter the course at different points and so face the challenges of The Last stand in a different order. These challenges are: spiders web, rope bridge, swinging rope bridge, tightrope (with guiding wire), swinging bridge, balance beam, crossed ropes bridge, leap of faith, climbing pole, monkey bars.